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4 Fabulous WordPress Plugins for Better Web Copy and SEO

Ah, the power of the plugin. These handy tools really level the playing field for those of us who don’t have the time (or desire) to learn deep-end code and develop web programming skills. If you’re looking for some tools to improve your WordPress website’s content, try these. Each one has been tested and approved by yours truly:

1. Title Split Testing for WordPress

Title tags and meta descriptions provide enormous opportunities to attract qualified leads from the search engines. If you can answer a pressing question or offer a solution, your chances of having someone click from Google to your website will increase significantly.

But what if you’re struggling to come up with a compelling headline? This handy testing tool helps you decide. Test out three different versions of the title tag—you can try entirely different headlines or change just one word—then go with the one that gets the most clicks.

2. WordPress SEO Plugin

I always thought it was interesting that WordPress doesn’t come equipped with SEO tools out of the box. Thankfully, Yoast makes it easy. I’ve tried several SEO plugins and this one is by far my favorite for creating title tags, meta descriptions and more.

3. Google Analytics for WordPress

Your website analytics can provide some powerful insights into what pages are bringing the most people to your website, what keywords they’re searching and which of those social media platforms is really working for your brand. And it’s 100% free for SEO.

I really like Yoast’s plugin because it not only makes it super easy to get your analytics tracking code installed properly, but also offers advanced options you can use as you become more familiar with Google Analytics and want to get the most out of your data.

4. WordPress Editorial Calendar

If you blog for your business (or if blogging is your business), you will love this tool. As a former journalist, I’m big on scheduling content in advance. With this plugin you can save ideas, store drafts, submit content for review and see everything in a calendar right from within the WordPress platform—especially great if visuals help you stay on track.

And then there’s this great all-in-one theme…

Thesis-featuresWant an easy way to take care of the most important SEO steps, without having to bloat your site with tons of plugins? You will love Thesis. This is the platform used for the current Mueller Writing website. (I may never move to another theme.) It comes with a whole lot of functionality built in. You can verify your Google Webmaster Tools account, easily install Google Analytics tracking code, add Google Authorship markup and even customize what appears on your 404 page.

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