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Want to Know How People Read Your Web Copy?

The don’t.

Most people skim.

Even when it’s something important, they’re going to glance before (or instead of) reading. A recent study by Nielsen Norman Group found this to be true for 79 percent of website visitors.

So how do you craft copy for the average skimmer?

Hook them with headlines

They don’t have to be (nor, in most cases, should they be) award-worthy creative, but they do need to convince readers what’s coming is worth their time.

Break up paragraphs with subheads

They should be meaningful and to the point.

Use journalism-style storytelling

The tried-and-true inverted pyramid style of storytelling puts your key points in the first sentence or two.

Bold the important stuff

Like I’m doing here.

Highlight your calls to action

Want people to purchase? Put that big, bold “buy now” button front and center. (You’re not still using the word “submit,” right?)

Create white space

Use short paragraphs and bullets that make your case as clearly and succinctly as possible.

Eliminate Jargon

No matter what industry you’re in, the simplest way of saying something is always best.

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