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The Stressed Marketer’s Guide to Lead Gen with Social Media [e-Book]

Formstack eBook: Stressed Marketer's Guide to Lead Gen with Social Media

It took a lot of work. But you did it. Your company now has an impressive following on social media. Likes are skyrocketing, retweets are happening regularly, and your content is being shared like crazy.

Now comes the critical question:

How many of those social media conversations are resulting in revenue-boosting conversions?

If the answer is “not many,” you’re not alone. Half of marketers still struggle to tie social activities to business outcomes, and 60% have a hard time measuring social media ROI.1

The good news is that there are effective ways to turn more social interactions into measurable leads—without having to invest in expensive software or time-consuming strategies.

For this interactive workbook, Formstack partnered with Convince & Convert’s Jay Baer to help stressed marketers more easily to turn social media interactions into measurable leads—and they called upon Heather Mueller to help cowrite it.

Grab your free copy in Formstack’s resource center.


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