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Lenovo Software eBooks, White Papers and Case Studies

Lenovo CompanionClient: Heather Mueller supports both Lenovo, the world’s fastest growing PC maker and inventor of the “back-flipping” laptop, and Lenovo Software, creator of pioneering solutions for distributed workforces, virtual training and modern classrooms.

Projects: Ghostwritten articles, blog posts, eBooks, case studies and white papers

Results: Since Heather Mueller began contributing to Lenovo Companion at the app’s launch, article views have been as high as 36,800 a month. In less than a year, content written for the Companion Content Social Series on Lenovo Blogs resulted in 56,000 social engagements.

Overview: It’s not just new leads that matter. Repeat customers and loyal advocates are important sources of revenue, and need to be nurtured. So when the world’s fastest-growing PC maker launched an app exclusively for its customers, the company needed a reliable partner to craft valuable content and help users get as much as possible out of their devices. Working with Lenovo’s digital content manager, Mueller Writing has helped fill the Lenovo Companion app with hundreds of tips, tutorials and tech news articles. Years’ worth of posts have been ghostwritten specifically for Lenovo PCs, and several made their way to Lenovo’s online blogs.

Ghostwritten Blog Posts

While most of the hundreds of articles contributed by Heather Mueller are available exclusively within the Lenovo Companion app, several ghostwritten posts can also be viewed on Lenovo blogs. Here are a few of the particularly high performers:

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2014 Dubbed “The Year of Shaken Trust.” But There is a Silver Lining.

Ways to Balance Work and Play on the Same PC

eBooks, Case Studies & Landing Pages

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