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How to Increase Your Content’s Discoverability [e-Book]

Mueller Writing Sample: Uberflip Content Discoverability eBook

Your B2B content marketing team worked hard.

There was a content brief. Then research. Perhaps an interview. You outlined, wrote, rewrote, reviewed, revised, edited, tweaked and proofed. Total hours spent: 20.

Assuming modest $60/hour average salaries, creating that one blog post likely cost your company $1,200 or more. But by the time you hit “publish”, the next assignment was already overdue. And now the post you worked so hard to craft is collecting dust along with 60-70% of your other meticulously crafted content.

This process presents a serious challenge:

As your high quality content piles up, your blog or resource center—wherever you keep your marketing content—is losing out on leads who can’t find the answers they seek.

Right now, your resource center is a tough case to crack. Hidden in its folds are hundreds of insights to inspire thousands of potential prospects… if only they knew where to look.

Your content shouldn’t be hiding.

And it shouldn’t take all of Scotland Yard to find an answer on your blog or in your resource center. In this eBook, we’ll help you identify exactly what’s standing between your content and your target audience. Then we’ll walk you through a plan of action for organizing your content to improve its discoverability.

So, how can you make your content more searchable, findable and shareable than ever? Find out in this free e-Book I wrote for Uberflip!



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