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Your B2B content marketing team worked hard. There was a content brief. Then research. Perhaps an interview. You outlined, wrote, rewrote, reviewed, revised, edited, tweaked and proofed. Total hours spent: 20. Assuming modest $60/hour average salaries, creating that one blog post likely cost your company $1,200 or more. But by the time you hit “publish”, [...]

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I’ve been reading PR guru Cheryl Smithem’s Connection Maven blog for years, so when she asked me to write a guest post I jumped at the chance. Cheryl and I talked recently about how most small businesses understand the importance of spending money on a polished website with professional photography, graphics and development. Often, creating [...]

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Before I became a professional web content writer I worked in traditional journalism and public relations, writing for newspapers and, later, pitching some of America’s highest-circulation publications. In the newsroom, we had assignment desks, niche reporters, editors, proofreaders, fact checkers and photographers. Every story was vetted through every channel. Now that WordPress has made it [...]

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Always Proofread Web Copy

I’m about to share one of the most overlooked, yet easy, ways to fix poorly performing web copy. Small businesses overlook it. Entrepreneurs forget about it. Even many digital marketers and agencies overlook it. What is it? Proofreading. Depending on your target audience, one typo or glaring grammatical error could be all it takes for [...]

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Reading Web Copy

Want to Know How People Read Your Web Copy?

The don’t. Most people skim. Even when it’s something important, they’re going to glance before (or instead of) reading. A recent study by Nielsen Norman Group found this to be true for 79 percent of website visitors. So how do you craft copy for the average skimmer? Hook them with headlines They don’t have to [...]

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Web Copywriting Tool - UnsuckIt

5 Free Tools for Faster, Better Web Copywriting

If there’s one statement I hear most often from clients, it’s this: “I hate to write. I can’t believe you do it for a living.” Well, here’s a little secret: I don’t always love the web copywriting process. There are times when I stare at a blank page for 20, 30, even 90 minutes. When [...]

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Ready for this week’s web copywriting tip? Here it is: Forget about search engines. I know, I know. I’m an SEO copywriter, for crying out loud. Why would I tell you to neglect search engines when writing content for your website? There’s a very good reason, actually. When writing web copy—or blog posts, press releases, [...]

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Avoid Hyperboles That Make You Sound Like a Schmuck

I’ve worked in a lot of industries over the years: public relations, journalism, marketing, nonprofits, government…you name it. No matter what type of writing I do, I’m always prepared for the possibility that someone involved in the approval process may decide the copy needs an extra “punch.” They hit “track changes” in Word and start [...]

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