About Mueller Writing

Hi. I’m Heather Mueller, a freelance web copywriter.

Mueller Writing is mainly me, although I do collaborate with a select group of trusted partners and offer professional proofreading. As a certified SEO copywriter, I pull from a background in journalism and public relations to help companies boost quality leads through the power of the written word.

So, what is a web copywriter?

I’m a writer first…

My first job was in newspaper reporting, and I’m still a fan of journalism-style storytelling. Subject-verb disagreement drives me crazy, and a typo may keep me from reading the rest of your blog post. I even proof many of the text messages I send from my iPhone.

…and a digital marketer second.

I’m part of an excellent SEO copywriting certification program. I stay updated on Google’s latest algorithm changes and guidelines. I write with keywords.

Those two areas of expertise (professional writing and digital marketing) come together to fill websites with high-performing web copy. All so you can connect with customers in more meaningful, profitable ways.

I’ve dedicated my career to learning the best practices and writing techniques that will set you apart from your competition and persuade people to convert from casual visitors to high quality leads.


Shoot me an email for a no-obligation proposal.